Statut (Anglais)




Article  1.

By virtue of the Decree N° : 1.58.376 of  November 15,  1958 (3 Joumada I 1378), intended as law governing associations, and the Decree N° : 1.73.2839 of  April 10, 1973 (6 Rabii II) considered as law amending and completing the above mentioned Decree, there is hereby founded an association to be called The Moroccan Association of Studies and Researches on Migration, domiciled in Rabat, B.P. 8057. United Nations, Rabat, 10102.

Article  2.

The purpose of the Association shall be the performance of studies and scientific researches on migration movements and the establishment as well as the consolidation of ties among researchers and institutions interested in the subject.

Article  3.

The Association shall be composed of honorary members, active members, and participating members.

  •  The honorary member shall be any person or corresponding association who shows through his experience, his occupation, or his works of a special interest in the subject, wherever his domicile and whatever his nationality.
  • The active member shall be any person whose membership is accepted and who shall engage to respect this Organic Law as well as to pay the annual dues defined by the General Meeting.
  • The participating member shall be any person or association concerned with the same subject, wherever his domicile or whatever his nationality.

Article  4.           

The honorary members as well as the participating members shall be appointed from the General Meeting on the Board’s proposition.

Article  5.

Any active or participating member shall thereupon cease to be a member of this Association for the following causes:

  • A resignation sent to the board.
  • Non –payment of the enrolment due for more than 4 years.
  • A decision by the General Meeting approved by the two third of the active members.

Article  6.

The General Meeting shall be composed of the active and honorary members and shall have full power to achieve the purposes of the Association. Only the active members shall be eligible to vote.

Article  7.

The General Meeting shall be presided by the President, or by the General Secretary, or in case of need by one of the members of the board.

Article  8.

An announcement of the General Meeting shall be sent to all members 60 days prior to the meeting; the members shall have 30 days prior to the appointed date to send their propositions to the Board to include them in the draft agenda to be discussed during the meeting.

Article  9.

Invitations shall be mailed at least 15 days before the time of the General Meeting enclosed with the draft agenda mentioned in the article 8.

Article  10.

The General Meeting shall be held in the presence of the absolute majority of the active members. In case of lack of this majority, another General Meeting shall be held in 15 days, no matter what may be  the number of the  members present.

Article  11.

A special meeting may be held upon request of the Board’s majority members,  or upon request of the third members of the Association.

Article  12.

In the General Meeting the Moral Report as well as the Budget Report submitted by the Budget Officer shall be discussed by the President under the presidency of the senior active member present, who shall designate a reporter for the meeting works and administer the elections of the new Board after resignation of the former one.

Article  13.

The General Meeting shall adopt resolutions by a simple majority of votes present. In case of a tie, the President’s vote shall be the casting one.

Article  14.

The General Meeting shall elect the members of the Board among the active members by a direct secret ballot.

Article  15.

The Association shall be administered by a Board composed of the active members in accordance with  the provisions defined in the article 14.

The Board shall be elected for two years and shall consist of the following persons:

  1. The President
  2. The General Secretary
  3. The Budget Officer
  4. Reporters

Article 16.

The Board shall meet periodically, or on the convocation of the President, or of the majority of its members whenever the Association’s interest demands that, at the address mentioned in the invitation.

Article  17.

The Board shall act in the name of the Association and its power shall be delegated legally to the President who shall represent the Association at law and otherwise in cases of claim and defense. The President may, with the approval of the Board, delegate in written form some of his powers to a member of the Board or a member of the Association.

Article  18.

The Board shall have, after the approval of the General Meeting, jurisdiction of creating regional affiliations. The Presidents of the Affiliations shall submit written reports on their activities periodically to the National Board and annually to the General Meeting.

Article  19.

The Association’s annual funds are composed of its members’ dues, aids or donations received.

Article  20.

The Association may undertake necessary efforts to become a member of international associations having the same interest.

Article  21.

Any proposition intending to modify the Association Organic Law must be issued from the board or from the majority members of the General Meeting.

Article  22.

In case of the Association’s dissolution from the General Meeting by the majority of the two third members, its properties shall be given to similar Moroccan associations or otherwise to philanthropic associations.


Issued in Rabat on  February 12, 1994   (1 Ramadan 1414)